Subfloor Prep

Floor Rescue understands that subfloor prep can be just as important as the work that comes after it. Our knowledgeable team is skilled at providing exceptional slab preparation services to ensure that any type of concrete flooring work you require is performed the right way the very first time. We are ready to assist customers throughout the communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas, with any prep work they require.

Slab Preparation Services

Effectively preparing your slab for any concrete work helps you ensure that your final product will last a lifetime. Our team specializes in providing complete subfloor prep to make sure that your concrete substrate is ready for whatever you have planned for your final installation. Using our state-of-the-art tools and materials, our team’s slab preparation services include:

Subfloor 1

  • Removing Existing Flooring, Glues, & Adhesives
  • Leveling the Substrate
  • Grinding the Slab
  • Scarifying the Concrete
  • Moisture Testing & Remediation
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Crack Chasing & Joint Filling

Grinding Your Concrete Floor

Diamond grinding is a familiar and effective method to prepare a concrete floor or to remove residual adhesives from previous floor coverings. Grinding is very effective in creating the porous substrate necessary to create a good bond for new floor installations and is a recommend and warranted preparation method by many manufacturers for new floor coverings (such as tile and wood), overlayments, and epoxy coatings. Diamond grinding can also be used to remove high spots, lippage, and trip hazards.

Effective Shot Blasting & Chemical Stripping

Shot blasting and chemical stripping are two other effective methods utilized in subfloor prep work. These methods help to remove coatings, sealers, and adhesives while preparing the concrete for its new coverings or coatings. The slab preparation methods recommend for a particular substrate are determined by the type and condition of the existing material as well as the desired outcome and final application for the surface.

Repair & Maintenance Services for Your Slabs

Subfloor 2We also offer patching and repair services for all concrete surfaces and are capable of performing any task from filling spalls and tack-strip holes to minor pour backs and control joint fillings. These functional repair services are for cosmetic repairs only and should not be used in place of any structural repairs. Advanced repairs should be performed only by a foundation specialist.

Moisture remediation is another maintenance service that we provide for flooring and coating installations as well as when necessary to warrant our own installations of epoxy coatings. In most cases, we provide any of the services we offer for the concrete floor systems that we install as stand-alone services, although pricing may differ. This allows you to receive the work you want without having to pay for services you don’t need.

Contact us when you want to ensure all of your concrete work is performed the right way the very first time. Our subfloor prep work is available to customers living throughout the communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.