Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is an extremely popular, yet heavily misunderstood flooring option. Traditional concrete staining should produce permanent effects due to the chemical reaction that takes place in the concrete after an acid stain is applied, producing a unique marbling of light and dark tones. This creates a warm, customized look that is perfect for homes and businesses. Creating colorful and durable stained concrete floors depends strongly on the current condition of the concrete as well as how it is prepared. Over the years, the tools and products available have expanded greatly, providing more options to meet a broader spectrum of aesthetic and functional needs.

Stained concrete flooring should always be protected or sealed using high-quality solvents, urethanes, epoxies, or paste wax to ensure it retains its color for a long time to come. The porosity of the concrete and the topical coating used for protection has a tremendous effect on appearance and long-term durability.

This is where most customers receive little or no information. Therefore, their expectations are not met when the floor is either too tight or the chosen topical coating does not stand up as well to abuse, wear, or daily traffic as they thought it would. Our decorative concrete team wants you to be fully aware and informed of the maintenance and restorative processes for each type of stained concrete floor.

Transforming Your Stained Concrete Floors

Decorative concrete transforms your dull, grey concrete into a beautiful, low-maintenance, and long-lasting flooring choice. Stained concrete is not only durable and hypoallergenic, but it also costs you less to maintain than other, more conventional flooring choices that must be completely replaced over time.

Stained concrete is a great choice for lower traffic sites, including private residences and small businesses. It is not typically recommended for high traffic or industrial sites unless a high solids sealer or polyurethane topcoat is used to ensure the protection of the stained concrete. Polished concrete is another great choice for high traffic areas.

In some cases, such as remodeling jobs, where there is improperly finished concrete, or when aggregate exposure is desired, diamond grinding is utilized to prep for a concrete floor system. Some of the great ways you can customize your stained concrete floors include scoring & decorative cutting as well as the addition of concrete dye or stain.

The Different Staining Options for Your Concrete

There are a few different staining options available for your concrete slabs. Acid staining creates the much desired translucent color tones most people want through a chemical reaction. This reaction causes a permanent chemical bond between the metallic salts in the stain and the lime content of the concrete. Water-based stains do not create a chemical reaction, but deposit pigment into the pores of the concrete. This creates a translucent or opaque look in a variety of different color options.

Dying is another option for your stained concrete floors. Dyes deposit small pigmented particles into the pores of the concrete and feature a wide array of color choices with vibrancy unmatched by stains. Water-based dyes have a more translucent color while solvent-based dyes have a more consistent, monotone color.

Different application techniques of these coloring products are critical to producing the desired look you are seeking for a stained concrete floor.

Concrete Sealing

Stained concrete must be sealed with a coating in order to protect the resilience of the stain or dye added as well as the concrete itself. Sealed concrete is a term used simply when color is not added to the stained concrete process, providing a more modern or industrial look. Sealed concrete great option for many applications, whether installed in a warehouse, an urban loft, or a new home. Additionally, our team is capable or restoring, repairing, and maintaining your stained or sealed concrete floor to ensure it continues to look great for a long time to come.

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