Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is one of the most durable and low-maintenance flooring options currently on the market. It is a great option for high traffic locations in need of a strong floor with an exclusive look that doesn’t require excessive cleaning or replacement. With many different design options available, polished concrete suits any taste of application. Our team is ready to install, maintain, and repair any concrete in your property.

Polished concrete floors are by far one of the greatest new discoveries in the flooring industry. These beautiful, low-maintenance floors are both practical and cost effective and thanks to our diamond grinding and polishing process, can look like a stunningly beautiful piece of art when we are finished installing it. This elaborate, detailed, and very effective process is available to customers located throughout the communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

The benefits of polished concrete will have you wondering why you ever considered another flooring option for your business or home. These floors help to minimize dust and other allergens, reduce floor maintenance costs, and are very stain resistant while remaining low-maintenance. Additionally, they have great reflectivity and shine and feature a long lifespan.

The Importance of Diamond Grinding & Polishing

Diamond grinding and polishing are terms used to describe certain processes involved in prepping, transforming, and polishing concrete surfaces. Concrete grinding and polishing uses metal or resin-bonded diamond discs, much like a craftsman uses sandpaper on wood, to prepare concrete for epoxy coatings, stains, dyes, or polishing (when either desired or necessary). Each level of diamond discs has its purpose from the more aggressive grinding to the finer polishing.

Depending on the application, the diamond grinding process helps to address almost all of the surface issues that your concrete could have. Aggregate exposure is also generated during this process, whether aesthetically intentional or as a byproduct of necessary grinding. Our team makes sure that you know of all the factors and present limitations in your concrete as we work so you always have realistic expectations and know that you made the right flooring choice.

Diamond polishing is the term used when resin bonded diamond discs hit the floor. Each step is a continual progression of polishing the floor to the desired finish. There are three basic finishes for polished concrete surfaces:

  • Low-Satin Finish (400 – 600 Grit)
  • Medium-Gloss Finish (800 Grit)
  • High-Gloss Finish (1500 – 3000 Grit)

A densifier is also applied during the polished process, which hardens and strengthens the floor. It acts as a preventable barrier against moisture and dust due to the nature of concrete and its porosity.

Finally, a guard or penetrating protective coat can be applied after all of the polishing is complete. The product is burnished into the floor and helps protect and guard the finished or polished surface. Guard products designed for polished concrete are very beneficial for increasing reflectivity and resistance to staining, however they do leave the floor susceptible to mild scuffing.

Decorating Your Custom Polished Concrete

With polished concrete, homes and businesses alike can add the beauty, practicality, and elegance of stained concrete floors without the maintenance of topical coatings. Polished concrete floors are not just a trend – they are here to stay. From giving property owners the chance to adjust the color, contrast, uniqueness, and style of their floors, this great flooring option also eliminates the burdens of other concrete floor options while retaining all of the class.

Scoring, or decorative cutting, of the concrete is an additional option that is available for our polished concrete. There are a wide range of options available to suit any style, from traditional tile to more intricate patterns and special designs. Additionally, adding color to concrete is another way to add vibrancy and style to polished concrete. We can dye your concrete by applying a pigment solution to your existing concrete during the polishing process. The use of dyes can also be used to create special designs in the concrete, from company logos to custom motifs.

Contact us to learn more about why polished concrete is a great choice for your flooring needs. Our team installs, repairs, and maintains polished concrete floors for customers located throughout the communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.